TAWPO Water Polo Officials Rules Test

For any officials that have attended either a TAWPO in-person clinic, or a USAWP referee school, or other TAWPO approved training event in the last 12 months, this rules test will complete your training requirements to officiate (TISCA) high school events.

This test is based on the NFHS rulebook for 2018-2020. Other rulebooks are not applicable.

Please find a summary of the recent NFHS rulebook changes here (Note: we are prohibited by federal law from transcribing the verbatim rule book):  http://goo.gl/DFUOxB

Passing score for this rules test is 80%

For NCAA officials that have passed the current year’s NCAA rules test with a 90%, you may ask for an exemption from the TAWPO high school rules test by contacting:
John Rightmyer at john.rightmyer -at- gmail -dot- com or Vern Heimbigner at vernh24 -at- hotmail -dot- com.

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