TAWPO is served by a seven person board who serve two year terms. There are three designated area representatives (Houston, DFW, Austin/San Antonio) representing the regions where high school water polo is played in Texas.

John Rightmyer: President/West Rep
Richard Smith: Secretary/Houston Rep
Angela Uno: North Rep
Austen Oliver: At Large
Vern Heimbigner: At Large
John Wauls: At Large / Co-State Assign Chair – East and South Regions
Dustin Devaney: At Large / Co-State Assign Chair – North and West Regions

Andy Contreras: Treasurer


The Three Local Area Chapters of TAWPO are broken down and led as follows:


Chair: Kristen Oliver
Vice-Chair: Glenn Paufler
Area Assignor: Richard Smith
Area Recruiting Chair: Benedict Willis
Area Instruction Chair: Austen Oliver



Chair: Mitch Dooley
Vice-Chair: Mike Doyle
Area Assignor: Angela Uno
Area Instruction Chair: Vern Heimbigner (Interim)



Chair: Jessie Hurd
Vice-Chair: Josh Kantor
Area Assignor: Ken Tyler
Area Instruction Chair: Dustin Devaney